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Are Future Presidents Pro Business?

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

At election time in the United States, all sorts of groups want the presidential candidates to show strength in the areas that concern them most.  Environmentalists want candidates who are pro-environment while social groups want candidates who are serious about social programs.  In the business community and those who make their living from serving businesses want a presidential candidate who is pro-business.

Pro-business is generally a term that is used to describe the policies and attitudes that encourage business to grow and prosper in this country.  Examples of some actions that are considered pro-business are a reduction in corporate taxes, government grants for small business.  Some people believe that less government regulation is a pro-business move as well. 

Many people generally believe that the Republican Party itself is pro-business where the Democratic Party is recognized as leaning toward more social issues.  While this may be true, there are individual party members who certainly display tendencies opposite of this broad brush stroke.  The truth is that in order to be successful as a presidential candidate, one must be concerned with the balance between all the groups that make up the country and try to meet the needs of all of them as much as possible. 

Pro-business politicians have long argued that a pro-business government means help for everyone because business makes the country go around.  This belief is up for debate on a continual basis.

So, during the 2008 election there may be some candidates that are considered to be more pro-business than others.  If you are looking for one with that label attached to them, then your decision will be easy for you (or maybe not – depending who gives them that label!).

Since the Republicans have been traditionally labeled as such, let’s start by looking at them.  Rudy Guiliani ran New York City for quite some time.  Business there seems in good shape although he does appear to be fairly interested in social issues as well.  Maybe he is one of those who actually tries to find that “balance”. 

Mitt Ronmey is another republican in the running.  He isn’t very popular in the polls.  He apparently can raise a lot of money though, so business people may choose to see that as very pro-business.

On the democratic side we have Hillary Clinton.  She is extremely popular, well spoken and appears to actually have a conscience.  While this may seem very socialistic to some, again she may be on track with “balance”.  Again business people may find her amazing skill at fund raising to indicate pro-business leanings (or just good business).

Barach Obama is popular but lacks a lot of experience and many wonder if that includes business insight, while John Edwards is very keen on doing away with the haves and have-nots in this country.  That may well be construed by the business minded as one of those things that will magically disappear once business is promoted enough to trickle some of the wealth down a little.

As in any election, stick to the candidates that stand for what you personally stand for.  Do your research and VOTE!

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