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Civil Remedies

How to Handle a Civil Lawsuit

It doesn’t matter if you are involved in a civil lawsuit because you are the defendant or because you are the plaintiff: either side can be a scary side to be on. There are over 40 million civil lawsuits that are filed in the nation every year, which means that there is a very good […]

Grandparents and child custody rights

Child custody is divided into both the legal custody of the child, the individual who has the right to make life decisions for the child (including educational matters, health care, religious instruction, etc.), and the physical custody of the child, meaning the individual with whom the child will primarily reside. Child custody laws vary by […]

Preparing for a deposition for a civil lawsuit

It is a word that many of us who watch law dramas hear about but it is something few of us ever imagine giving in person. A deposition is a very serious legal proceeding that requires a person to speak under oath to lawyers representing both sides of a civil lawsuit. If you lie and […]

Small Claims Court: An Overview

Going to court is not an experience most of us look forward to, but even if heading in front of a judge is something you dread, it is vitally important for people everywhere to know their rights and know what to expect if you find yourself heading to small claims court. Most people have heard […]

The difference between civil law and criminal law

With so many television shows on right now that use the United States court system as a background, it can be a bit confusing figuring out the difference between civil law and criminal law. Let’s take a look at just a few of the main differences between the civil law system and the criminal law […]

Understanding Mediation

In practically every state and in every jurisdiction, mediation serves as an unofficial branch of the United States court system and helps to keep thousands of cases clear of courtrooms each and every year. The impact of mediation is unquantifiable, but it is easy to say that if it wasn’t for alternative dispute resolution in […]

When is a civil lawsuit the right choice?

Every year, tens of thousands of civil lawsuits are filed against individuals in the United States. While most of these lawsuits do have merit, some of them do not and are a legitimate waste of time. The question that many people who feel that they have been wronged have to ask themselves at one point […]

Finding the right lawyer for your civil suit

If you are like millions of people in the United States, you have likely had to face a judge in a civil court of law. While civil law attempts to be a streamlined version of criminal law without lawyers and often without juries, there are no laws forbidding the use of lawyers in civil court […]

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