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Civil Rights

About Identity Theft

Every year, thousands of people discover out of the blue that they have been the victims of identity theft. With everything being computerized and information much more obtainable than ever before, it’s no wonder more and more people are having problems and having to fight against identity theft. What, however, is identity theft, how do […]

How to Handle a Civil Lawsuit

It doesn’t matter if you are involved in a civil lawsuit because you are the defendant or because you are the plaintiff: either side can be a scary side to be on. There are over 40 million civil lawsuits that are filed in the nation every year, which means that there is a very good […]

Understanding a Civil Lawsuit

You know what a criminal court case is, but what is a civil lawsuit? Each year hundreds of thousands of people in the nation are involved in a civil lawsuit in one fashion or another, and many of them have no idea before their involvement what a civil lawsuit is or how it works. They […]

How Age Discrimination Effects You

It is your civil right to be treated equally. While we usually speak about civil rights in regards to race, religion, and nationality, today, discrimination reaches much farther. One of the most common types of discrimination is ageism. Ageism can work against people who are young and people who are old, but in all cases, […]

Discrimination in the Workplace: What are your Rights?

Under the civil rights laws given to all United States citizens with the Constitution and various other regulations, discrimination in the workplace is illegal. Discrimination here can be the result of a number of issues including, but not limited to, gender, race, religion, nationality, physical abilities, sexual preference, and marital status. However, with the help […]

Disabilities and Education: Section 504 and the IDEA

We often think of civil rights as something that affects only adults, and while it is true that discrimination in the workplace, voting rights, and so forth are primarily issues concerning adults, civil rights also affect children, especially in education. Under United States laws, all children must be given educational opportunities. This includes your child, […]

A Unique Civil Right in the United States: Trial by Jury

Most civil rights recognized in the United States are also recognized by other developed countries. However, the right to a trail by jury is unique to the United States, as many other countries have other systems in place for court proceedings. In fact, a Grand Jury trial is found almost nowhere else in the world. […]

Is Affirmative Action Legal?

While it is your civil right to be treated equally in the United States as all other United States citizens, there are some questions about affirmative action and whether this concept should actually be legal. Basically, affirmative action is the push to include people of all groups, and it is most applicable to woman and […]

The Fair Housing Act

One of your civil rights is to have housing wherever you want it, even if you fall into certain stereotyped categories. This policy was first brought about in the 1960s, when race was a huge problem in housing. Because blacks could only get housing in certain areas, it was easy for some neighborhoods to turn […]

What Can You Do To Protect Your Civil Rights?

Civil rights are those rights granted to you under the Constitution and subsequent amendments. These rights include the right to free speech, the right to pursue happiness, and so forth. In the court system today, however, civil rights are most commonly associated with the right to be treated equally, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex, […]

Your Right to Bear Arms

One of the most controversial civil rights in America is the right to bear arms. While this civil right is not recognized in most other countries, in the United States, all citizens, under the Constitution, have the right to possess weapons. However, there are a number of regulations regarding this civil right, and if you […]

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