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Constitutional Law

Common misconceptions about the Constitution

While a good number of American citizens can quote parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by heart, there are a whole host of common misconceptions that many people have when it comes to rights or privileges that aren’t really mentioned in either document. Often times, court rulings can build on existing aspects of […]

How does the Supreme Court work?

Thanks to countless hours spent in high school civics class, most Americans are aware of the Supreme Court and the impact it has on our society. From helping to end discrimination in public schools to giving women the right to have an abortion, the impact the Supreme Court has had on American society is almost […]

How the bill of rights applies to me

For people who study constitutional law for a living, or for casual fans, arguing about how the Founding Fathers interpreted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a favorite pastime. When Supreme Court justices are nominated, the first way they are usually described by is how they interpret the Constitution. Most observers would say […]

Important Supreme Court rulings

While outsiders may view law as a stagnant entity that changes slowly over time, enlightened observers take great joy in the realization that law is a liquid creation that is constantly being changed, molded and finessed by dozens of court ruling each and every day. Perhaps no other court in the land has caused more […]

Little Known Facts about the Supreme Court

While networks like C-Span and political blogs have tried to interject a bit of excitement into what goes on in Washington D.C., the goings-on over at the Supreme Court tend to be remarkably dull. Often times, cameras are not allowed inside the Supreme Court so Americans sitting at home and school children in classrooms all […]

Understanding Constitutional Law and the Internet

As any first world resident knows, the Internet has completely changed the way many of us live our lives. We send email now instead of written letters and we play online games against hundreds of other people sprinkled throughout the world instead of board games at home. The sheer number of ways the Internet has […]

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