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How to be released from a contract.

A contract is simply an agreement between parties, which be made orally or in writing, establishing and delineating an obligation of the parties. There are a number of legal remedies allowing participants to set aside a contractual obligation. A contract may be unenforceable or it may be voided or rescinded, by agreement of the parties. […]

Confidentiality Agreement

While many of us have heard of, and even signed, confidentiality or non disclosure agreements in the past, many of us don’t understand the full impact of these contracts. Some companies choose to use stand alone confidentiality agreements while others have them smartly inserted into other types of agreements. Let’s take a look at this […]

Basics of Contracts

Every year, millions of contracts are signed from coast to coast for everything from homes, cars and business dealings, to just name a few, but how many of us really understand what a contract is and what legal responsibilities are part of signing and being part of a contract. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Employee Agreement

An employee agreement, or as it is better known, an employee contract, is a simple legal document drawn up by an employer for an employee to sign. It outlines everything from the terms of the work environment, the length of the employment, the financial terms of the agreement and is usually contains a clause or […]

License Agreement

A license agreement is one of the most common and straight forward types of contracts out there. It essentially gives license, or permission, for someone to use something created by another person. Examples of a license agreement would include a character from one television show showing up on another show or a product, such as […]

Non-disclosure Agreement

One of the most popular types of contracts and one of the most commonly used when two corporations or companies are exchanging sensitive information is a non-disclosure agreement. Known mainly outside of the United States and Canada as a confidentiality agreement, the non disclosure agreement is considered a common type of contract when two corporations […]

Oral Contracts

One of the most misunderstood and confusing forms of contract today is the oral contract. The old saying that “an oral contract is worth the paper it is written on” is still true to some extent, but there are historical presidents of oral contacts being enforced, even when they result in millions of dollars changing […]

Service Contract

A service contract is one of the least complicated and most common types of contracts in the world. It is simply an agreement between two parties for a job or service to be performed. You can find service contracts between an employer and a freelance employee (everything from a journalist to a company that performs […]

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