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Criminal Law

Con Men and Your Rights

Confidence Man: a person who makes money by defrauding an individual or a group of people. A confidence man, also known as a conman, is someone who makes money by swindling others out of their own money. They don’t have a legitimate career other than to defraud other people and to take their money. Unfortunately, […]

Finding a Thief in your Midst

You open up a business and hire people to help you. You do background checks and believe that you are hiring people who genuinely care as much about your company as you do. Unfortunately occasionally the worst happens and you discover that you have an imposter in your company. It may be a person who […]

DNA evidence and how it affects a case

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is defined as the fundamental “road map” of an individual’s entire genetic makeup. It is essentially a roadmap of every cell in the human body. DNA can be found in sweat, bone, the root and shaft of a hair follicle, skin tissue, earwax, spit, urine, semen and blood. Any […]

If you are filing an insurance claim, make sure it’s for real

These days, it seems that any accident warrants a lawsuit. But, because many of us our taught to sue rather than take responsibility for our own actions, fraudulent claims are at an all time high. Insurance fraud happens all the time and it happens in every state. That means that individuals of all races, incomes […]

Do I really need to hire a lawyer if I am innocent?

If you are under investigation or arrested for a particular crime, you may be wondering whether or not you need a lawyer. If you are even considering the thought, then you need to at least speak with an attorney. One of the main reasons people consult with attorneys is to find out whether they even […]

Staying calm on your court date – it is possible!

If you have a court date for any reason, whether summoned, if you are pressing charges or even facing a divorce hearing, the tension can be overwhelming.  In many ways it’s like driving past a police car on the highway – whether you are speeding or not, you can break out in a sweat and […]

Do I have to tell the police absolutely everything they want to know?

If an officer stops you out of the blue and wants to ask you questions, you are not legally obligated to tell them anything.  This is true whether you are or are not actually under arrest; if you have simply been stopped on the street or even at your home by a police officer then […]

How do search warrants work?

In the U.S., police officers are allowed limited searches of vehicles and clothing so long as they have cause to believe that the search will reveal drugs or weapons.  Also, if they are pursuing a suspect who flees the scene of a crime and takes shelter in a house or other building, they are allowed […]

Keep lawyers’ fees down by spending less time in the law office

Something that scares a lot of us out of taking up legal battles when we really ought to are the costs involved.  We all hear the horror stories of a friend of a friend, forced to empty their life savings because of necessary legal fees.  It is a frightening thought, and if you are considering […]

Racism and American Criminal Law

America is a nation that has been struggling to overcome its racially discriminatory foundations since the Civil War, and while Americans have made huge steps in the right direction there are still many ways in which racism persists within the society.  This is a fact that has direct repercussions within the American criminal law system, […]

Criminal Law: Changed forever because of the Patriot Act

The Bush Administration has done some very controversial things these past several years, and not the least of these is the introduction of the Patriot Act.  The Act, officially known as the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001, was passed 45 days after the […]

Getting along with Cops – Perhaps not as Tough as you Might have Guessed

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world to come face to face with a cop and be nice.  They are in a position of authority, they only talk to you when you are getting fined or punished in some way, and what’s more you know you could have done that same job but […]

Do you get what you Pay for with Expensive Lawyers?

There seems to be an unwritten law that says the more you pay for your legal representation, the better a service you will receive.  Unfortunately, this logic flies in the face of the fairness of the American justice system that vows equal and unbiased representation to all citizens who find themselves caught up in legal […]

U.S. Drug Arrests besides Marijuana

In America today, the most common drug arrests come from the possession or sale of marijuana.  This is a drug with very widespread use and many people believe that its effects are not harmful in the long term.  Although drug users have effectively created several subcultures pertaining to their use or even in some cases […]

Panicking before your court date? Here are 5 things to get you calm and collected

Most of us haven’t had the distinct pleasure of being in a courtroom, either defending ourselves or trying to establish justice after someone has wronged us in some way.  Because of this, our experience often falls to those few moments when we were swept away watching Judge Judy or some other TV reality court show.  […]

Does Money Matter in the US Criminal Law System?

The US criminal law system was created the best intentions at heart: to protect the innocent and to punish those that were guilty of committing crimes.  The point was to keep the country running smoothly and for the court system to remain unprejudiced towards any accused or other parties entered into the system.  Today, however, […]

What impact would the decriminalization of marijuana have on the US criminal justice system?

Currently it is illegal for anyone in America to produce, sell or possess cannabis except for a small handful of people working in conjunction with State legislation for medicinal marijuana use.  Other than these select few who have access to the drug to ease the pain of serious diseases, the drug is used as purely […]

Canadian and American criminal law

In Canada, the federal government holds the primary responsibility for enacting criminal law and although the provincial governments are given some degree of control over maintaining justice in the case of lesser crimes, it is the federal government that oversees the major legislation and documentation pertaining to these acts.  The Criminal Code of Canada sets […]

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