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Dealing With Police

What Not to Do During a Deposition

If you’ve been asked to give a deposition on a situation that you have knowledge about, you may be wondering what is required of you. A deposition is simply the process of giving the information that you have to a lawyer or a team of lawyers. Court cases occasionally do not cross a judge’s desk […]

How To Handle A Police DUI Stop

Don’t drink and drive. Let’s make it even plainer – if you plan to get behind the wheel of a car at any time within a 24 hour period, don’t drink any alcohol. It’s been said many times, but people still don’t listen. It’s an established fact that different people of various sizes metabolize alcohol […]

Car searches: what police can and can’t do

When you are pulled over for violation of a traffic law, the police officer may want to also search your car depending on the circumstances. This is normally done if there is probable cause. For example, if your car smells like marijuana, the police officer that pulled you over might suspect that you have other […]

Speaking with the police and knowing your rights

When you are suspected of a crime or suspected of being involved in a crime, the police will bring you down to the station for questioning. If this should happen, there are a few things you need to be aware of as far as your rights are concerned. First and foremost, the police must inform […]

What do I do if I get pulled over?

You know the routine. You’re driving down the street when suddenly, red and blue bright lights appear in your rearview mirror. Your hands tighten up on the steering wheel and you being to sweat. You ease off the gas and pull your car into the right lane, hoping that the cop behind you will pass […]

What do I do if I’m arrested and my rights aren’t read to me?

Although it is a common misconception that during any arrest in the United States the police officer will read the suspect their Miranda Rights, this is only strictly necessary if the officer intends to interrogate the suspect.  If you are arrested and questioned without having had your Miranda Rights read to you, however, then legally […]

Will I be harassed if I become a witness?

If you have witnessed a crime, you probably know that you will need to speak with the police about it, but doing so can be daunting.  After all, what if the criminal knows what you have done and isn’t happy about it?  Could they decide to take revenge for your testimony in court, or even […]

I was a victim of Police Brutality, what do I do?

Police brutality is the term used to refer to instances where the police are overstepping their boundaries with suspects and using force and outright violence to control individuals when the circumstances do not call for it.  Police officers do have the right to use a certain amount of force when they are subduing suspects and […]

Do I have to tell the police absolutely everything they want to know?

If an officer stops you out of the blue and wants to ask you questions, you are not legally obligated to tell them anything.  This is true whether you are or are not actually under arrest; if you have simply been stopped on the street or even at your home by a police officer then […]

Getting along with Cops – Perhaps not as Tough as you Might have Guessed

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world to come face to face with a cop and be nice.  They are in a position of authority, they only talk to you when you are getting fined or punished in some way, and what’s more you know you could have done that same job but […]

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