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Hiding Money In Divorce

It is illegal to hide money from a spouse when going through a divorce. It’s also immoral. But people do it all the time. They do it for lots of reasons, like lowering payments for child support and/or maintenance, but mainly, they do it because they just don’t want to share. Should you suspect that […]

Do I need to legally be divorced?

“The difference between divorce and legal separation is that a legal separation gives a husband time to hide his money.” Johnny Carson “You never really know a man until you have divorced him.” Zsa Zsa Gabor “If marriage means you fell in love, does divorce mean you climbed out?” Unknown Do you need a legal […]

Winning the custody battle

In the past, custody battles used to be all about the parents. Divorce court attorneys often stood before a judge defending their client’s reputation, lifestyle and parenting skills in hopes of winning the custody battle. It was an all or nothing game. Today, all or nothing just doesn’t exist. It’s not about the parents anymore. […]

Compiling evidence in a custody case

If you’re up against a custody case, or custody battle as it often becomes, it is essential to compile all of the evidence you can that will demonstrate that you are the more responsible parent. Speak with your attorney about the evidence and make sure that it will become part of the court’s documentation. The […]

Keeping Things Going on the Home Front: Power of Attorney while you travel

Planning on an extended vacation or long-term travel abroad? Chances are you will be leaving behind important personal, financial, and business affairs at home. Who’s hands will you put them in? The more property and profits you have at stake, the more necessary a power of attorney will be for you. You need a trusted […]

What about the kids? Tips for divorced parents

Children are too commonly the innocent casualties of divorces gone wrong. While it’s rarely an ideal situation for a kid when their parents split up, there are things you can do as a mother or father to lessen the blow. Here are some tips on parenting and divorce. While you can’t have complete control over […]

The Price of a Divorce

It seems cruel that amid all the emotional struggles a divorce brings with it, money has to be such a tremendous burden and source of added anxiety. Divorces have many costs, some more tangible than others. This is an article about the tangible toll that a failed marriage has and tips on what to expect […]

How to find the best helping hand for your divorce: lawyers

The end of a marriage may be one of the most emotionally painful and financially difficult times in your life. It’s likely that you will find out just what inner reserves you have as you split with your significant other. So this is why it’s crucial that you have a lawyer on your side who […]

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