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Employment Law

Does Video Surveillance in the Workplace go too far?

Privacy rights for employees in the private sector are essentially not realized in a legal sense. This is due to the fact that employers must protect themselves, their office, their equipment, any trade secrets, client data and their employees from theft or vandalism. Employers also have a right to prevent employees from misbehaving on the […]

What To Do If Your Employer Asks For A Police Check

Many employers now require a background check for new hires and even for promotions. There are several reasons why they may want this information. It could be that check is required by law for the particular position, because they have been involved in lawsuits over hiring practices, because of heightened security due to recent events, […]

Discrimination on the job and how to handle it

According to Federal law, companies are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, pregnancy, national origin, religion, disability, citizenship status and age. State and local laws may differ on discrimination regarding weight, sexual orientation and other forms of prejudice. If you have been or are a victim of discrimination in the workplace […]

Have you ever been hurt on the job? Well, you may be entitled to Workman’s Compensation!

Workman’s Compensation is available if you are ever in an accident that happens while you are on the job. If you are hurt on the job, your employer is liable to pay compensation. The employer is not liable if any injury doesn’t result in the disablement of the worker in a period outside of three […]

Your Choices and the Best Schools for Business Law

Aspiring business lawyers in the United States often believe they should focus their efforts on being accepted into the top rated schools in the country. These schools are difficult to get into because of their success rates. Generally, the top rated business law schools have over 90% of their students complete their degrees. This may […]

Recent Change in U.S. Labor Law is Major

The most talked about change in employment law in the United States this year is the increase of the minimum wage. While this change will not take effect until July of 2008, it is deemed to be one of the most significant changes to take place for many years. The minimum amount that can be […]

Likelihood of Law Suits Stronger in Some Business Sectors

While it does seem like we now live in a sue-happy country with lawsuits being filed for everything from dry cleaning issues to pension scandals, there are certainly some sectors of business that see more legal suits than others. Service sector businesses encounter law suits on a fairly regular basis. Many of these suits are […]

Labor Rights Then and Now are a Different Picture

Labor law has changed a lot over the last few decades. This makes the current workplace a much more worker friendly environment for everyone. One such change has been the minimum wage that can be paid for any kind of work in the United States. While it did take a long time for this rate […]

Possibility of Major Changes in Sight for U.S. Labor Laws

The issue of unfairly low wages for women workers is certainly not a new issue in the United States (and indeed in the rest of the world). This year there was a case that hit the U.S. Supreme Court with regard to this issue once more. Goodyear was accused of discrimination of a female employee […]

U.S. Labor Law and Labor Unions

Labor laws and the rights of workers largely developed in the United States after the industrial revolution was well underway. At that time, there was a huge need for workers at that time. Machines were being built which required huge amounts of raw materials. Such materials came largely from mining. While this did mean that […]

Varying State Regulations Create Business Friendly Regions

There are always factors that make one community or state more attractive to the business world than other places. For some businesses that require large numbers of workers, a state with high unemployment might seem attractive. For some kinds of existing businesses, a state that offers incentives for relocating there might seem like the best […]

Business Law Post Enron is a New Game

After the Enron scandal several years back, business law has had to deal with the fallout of some business behaviors that became apparent. The corporate world was shaken to its core and forced to re-examine its policies and procedures and in fact, it’s very responsibility to groups who were not even shareholders. The law of […]

Are Future Presidents Pro Business?

At election time in the United States, all sorts of groups want the presidential candidates to show strength in the areas that concern them most.  Environmentalists want candidates who are pro-environment while social groups want candidates who are serious about social programs.  In the business community and those who make their living from serving businesses […]

What is a trademark anyways?

We’re not necessarily talking about Elvis’ trademark sideburns or Catherine Hepburn’s trademark voice, but that’s not too far from the path. They’re everywhere you look, and yet do you really know what they are? Trademarks are a strange animal and it’s necessary that you get to know them if you have business endeavors of any […]

To incorporate or not to incorporate?

It seems that more companies feel the need to incorporate than ever before. In today’s society,  just everybody can sue and everybody can be sued and that makes a corporation all the more attractive. However, there are unfortunately more obstacles surrounding incorporation than ever before. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation? Is […]

What Your Trademark Can Do For You

So, we all know how important a trademark is. Every company must find a way to distinguish itself from every other company and it’s easy to do just that with a simple symbol, image, design, phrase, or word. But what if you were to take the next step and buy rights to such a trademark? […]

Self-filing for Incorporation

Incorporation can be an equally important and intimidating task for the owner of a company, and because it’s also so expensive, many people prefer to file for incorporation without the help of an outsider. This will certainly save a soon-to-be corporation a lot of money. But unless a company’s owner knows what he or she […]

How much work do I have to do to work in the U.S?

Just because you don’t live in the United States permanently, doesn’t mean you can’t work there! Many people are successfully granted work visas every year so that they can temporarily reside in the U.S. legally without truly moving from their home. Let’s presuppose that you do not have a greencard. In this case, can you […]

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