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Getting Second Opinions on Personal Injury Without Risking Damage to Your Case

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

If you have been injured in some kind of accident or other circumstance and feel that you want to pursue the matter in a personal injury case, there are some things you must take care of first.

Health is very important and any injury that warrants a visit to the Doctor should not be delayed. Seeking medical attention when you are hurt is simply a smart thing to do.

If you seek medical attention and the matter is taken care of, you may then think about all the factors in the case and determine whether you want to pursue compensation from the other party. This is generally done simply by contacting them and discussing the matter and letting them know that if you did have any out-of-pocket medical expenses that your insurance did not already cover. Many people do not choose to pursue the matter any further.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your visit to the Doctor, however, you may wonder whether you should seek a second opinion. Whether or not you choose later to pursue a personal injury suit, your first thought should be for your health and wellbeing. As in any health matter, if you feel the need for a second medical opinion, you should always seek one. The most important matter is not whether this will damage any chances you may have in a personal injury suit, but your health! If you were sure your arm was broken and your Doctor didn’t think it warranted even so much as an x-ray, wouldn’t you be a little concerned? Injuries from incidents that may later be law suits are no different than injuries sustained in any other way! Get a second opinion because your health is the most important factor here.

Clearly, you would not risk your health for the sake of some kind of monetary carrot dangling at the end of a rope in front of you. You should never, ever fail to seek medical attention or even second (or third) opinions simply to as to avoid damaging any law suit you may be considering.

While many personal injury firms come on your television set several times a day loudly letting you know that you “should” be compensated for every thing that ever happens to you, law suits are not always in order and many people choose not to see them as a way of dealing with what life has thrown at them. On the other hand, many people are able to use a personal injury law suit to get insurance companies to pay out on claims that should have been covered but were rejected.

Everyone’s case is unique but one thing is true for all of them. Getting to a Doctor or two to take care of your medical needs should never come second. If you have a lawyer who tells you not to see your doctor, get a new lawyer.

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