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I was a victim of Police Brutality, what do I do?

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

Police brutality is the term used to refer to instances where the police are overstepping their boundaries with suspects and using force and outright violence to control individuals when the circumstances do not call for it.  Police officers do have the right to use a certain amount of force when they are subduing suspects and criminals, and this is often necessary given the fact that such people will try to run away, hit the officers or simply resist arrest.  When this happens, some force becomes necessary or the suspect in question will not actually be arrested or brought to trial for whatever crimes have been committed.  When this is not the case, however, police officers using force are actually acting unlawfully. 

Unfortunately it is not altogether uncommon to hear tales of police brutality, especially on minority groups throughout the United States.  People are singled out, accused of crimes and often beaten by officers who may think they are acting in the best interests of a community but often times simply have a grudge against certain people and groups.  If you have been a victim of police brutality, it can be very difficult to know what to do since in cases of assault your normal recourse is the police department. 

Although it can seem like the wrong course of action, you really do need to speak with the police department to report a case of police brutality; it is the responsibility of an internally organized police force to investigate such claims and follow up on them.  The task force will need to look into your story and gather as much details as they can about the scenario in question, and then they will conduct interviews with the officer or officers in question, any witnesses that might have been handy and any extra evidence that might be gathered.  The case will be treated as any other criminal investigation with the exception that a police officer is under review; because of what might be a delicate situation it is likely that the officer will take a hiatus until the matter is cleared up, or that they will face suspension until a verdict is reached. 

Aside from this legal process, you can report the incident to a support group or a neighborhood watch organization.  These will offer not only a sympathetic ear but the opportunity to spread the word about corrupt cops so that others can beware of the danger.  A police investigation will not be internally advertised when it concerned police brutality, so if you want others to know about what you’ve gone through as soon as its happened, a group like this will be invaluable to you.  Remember, if you are a victim of police brutality, you need to report the incident to none other than the police; after this you can find support with a dedicated community organization.  You should always file a complaint if something like this happens to you, because no matter how much power police officers are given they have no right to inflict violence on someone without a very good reason. 

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