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LLC & Incorporation

What is a DBA?

The initials DBA, which is the term for an assumed business name, simply stand for “doing business as.” A DBA, sometimes called a fictitious business name or trade name, is used by individuals who wish to open bank accounts or to receive income under a name other than their legal name. The term “legal name” […]

What is Incorporation?

Incorporation is the creation of a legal entity, or corporation, for the purpose of doing business in a particular state. Companies and/or individuals may chose to incorporate their business as a means of protecting personal assets, such in the case of bankruptcy or other bad debt created by a business. There are various forms of […]

What is an LLC?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a form of corporation or corporate entity that allows the various individuals involved, as well as the corporation as a whole, to limit their liability as against each other. Simply put, this means that if the LLC accrues debts that it cannot pay, each member of the company is […]

Review of LegalZoom.com

LegalZoom.com is one of the best ideas that attorneys have ever come up with. This web site offers help and advice with all your legal needs. The world is a more complicated place now than it used to be and the internet brings us all closer. Being able to utilize such services as LegalZoom.com online […]

Every company needs structure, but what kind? LLC or Corporation?

In order to determine if an LLC is the right company structure for you, it’s important to learn what precisely an LLC is. While it is easy to get an LLC, or limited liability company, mixed up with a corporation, it would be a mistake to do so. The terms aren’t interchangeable and unless you […]

LLC’s: They don’t have to be so confusing!

The limited liability company, or LLC, is a new concept for businesspeople in the United States. Internationally, LLC’s are fairly common. However, investors, employees, and lawmakers aren’t always quick to warm up to such a structure in America. Let’s clear up some of the misunderstandings and confusion about LLC’s and hopefully we can figure out […]

LLC’s: Where do the profits go?

A limited liability company, or LLC, has a very unique personality, one that may take some getting used to for Americans. There is the partnership/sole proprietorship and the corporation. And then there is the LLC, which combines the benefits of both of these structures and in effect, is has its own identity. One of the […]

The Price Tag of Incorporation: Fees

A lot of benefits await a company that’s about to incorporate, but there’s a price to it all. A hefty price in fact. Incorporation is a long and sometimes grueling process. It also happens to be an expensive one. In particular, a company will face fees for incorporating – all this means is a company […]

Self-filing for Incorporation

Incorporation can be an equally important and intimidating task for the owner of a company, and because it’s also so expensive, many people prefer to file for incorporation without the help of an outsider. This will certainly save a soon-to-be corporation a lot of money. But unless a company’s owner knows what he or she […]

Is it less taxing to incorporate?

Some companies may seem to escape death, but they will ever be able to escape taxes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some tax benefits out there, though, that only the corporations are getting. Companies are tempted to incorporate for a number of reasons, but more and more often, taxes are the main motivator. But why? […]

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