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Miranda Rights

You have the right to remain silent … what else?

You’ve probably seen enough scripted crime drama on television to know what Miranda Rights sound like. You know that you have the right to remain silent, and that anything you say can be used against you in court. But what else do Miranda Rights entail? Did you know that you always have the right to […]

I’ve never actually been read my Miranda Rights…what are they?

Upon arrest with intent for interrogation, police in the United States are required to read a suspect their Miranda Rights so that they understand what they are allowed to do and how their subsequent actions might affect them. The Miranda Rights are composed of four major factors that each suspect is to be made aware […]

Strange beginnings for the Miranda Rights

In 1963 someone named Ernesto Miranda was convicted of kidnapping and rape, prosecutors only using his confession as evidence and presenting no other information to the court. Miranda had confessed to his crimes upon arrest and it was this information that proved to be the only bit of evidence needed to convict him. The problem […]

How have Miranda Rights progressed over the years?

Initially, Miranda Rights were established in the United States following the trial of one Ernesto Miranda in 1963 – Miranda confessed to rape and kidnapping and was convicted based on this confession. He later learned that under US law he was actually not required to have spoken to the police upon his arrest, and he […]

Miranda Rights outside of the U.S.

The Miranda Rights were created in the United States, and this is the only country that will use this specific method to inform people under arrest of what their immediate rights are pertaining to arrest. Other countries, however, do have similar readings to be made during arrest so that their citizens are also aware of […]

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