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Real Estate

What is Premises Liability?

When determining premises liability, it is important to consult with an attorney, as the laws can vary from state to state. The basis for premises liability law rests in responsibility for certain injuries to an individual which occur on the property, or premises, possessed by someone else. These can be simple “slip and fall” cases […]

Home Evaluation

If you have spent any time at all looking at homes or thinking about owning your own home, you know how difficult it can be to accurately evaluate how “good” a home is. One person might value something like hardwood floors far more than new tile, while others may feel tile is far more versatile […]

Home Purchase

A home purchase form, also known as an offer to purchase real estate form is one of the most important types of forms you will ever fill out. Not only is the form somewhat complicated, but whenever you find yourself dealing with big money offers, you will find that the forms involved are exacting, since […]

Home Sale

If you are like the millions and millions of people out there that have decided to sell your own home, you are likely in need of do it yourself forms that you can easily create on your own home computer, either as a Word document or even as a spiffy .pdf. Making your own home […]

Intent to Purchase Real Estate

Making the big decision to purchase a piece of real estate is one of the most exciting and nerve racking decisions a person can make. Even if you are buying real estate solely to invest and sell off, the sheer amount of money changing hands is enough to make even the most stoic person shake […]

Real Estate Lease – Commercial / Residential

Of all of the forms one can sign in their life, a lease can be one of the most complicated and one of the most misunderstood. If you rent from a corporate held apartment complex or building, your lease likely looks quite official and contains many different sections covering any eventuality you can think of. […]

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