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Small Claims

Filing a counterclaim in small claims court

If you are being sued in small claims court, you have the right to file a counterclaim against the plaintiff. This is the law in every state. A counterclaim gives the judge the position to decide claims presented by both parties against each other one at a time. If you think that you may want […]

Is small claims court worth my time?

Sometimes, even small disagreements cannot be resolved amicably. Whether you’ve loaned someone money, are owed money or are seeking a fair resolution to a situation in which numerous complaints have been filed, small claims court could be an option for you to consider. The appeal of small claims court is that issues are resolved rather […]

Small Claims Without Big Lawyers

Involving a lawyer in your small claims case is generally not necessary. Small claims court is meant to be a more informal version of the courtroom in which the regular person can bring their disputes resolved by a judge without the need for lawyers. The size of these law suits is considered “small” and so […]

Preparing and Filing Small Claims Just Requires YOU

You are not actually ready to file a small claims suit until you have first determined where you will make the claim. In most states, you cannot file a claim against someone who does not live or own property in that state. You must decide if you will file in the county and state that […]

Revenge and the courtroom

If you have had your property damaged by an ex-friend or partner or been otherwise slighted by some relatively small infraction of the law, it can seem very appealing to take your case into court and get revenge on someone you’ve wanted to take down for some time. This method of revenge via court case […]

Know Your Limits in Small Claims Cases

The amount you can sue for in small claims court varies widely. If you are considering such a legal pursuit, you should be aware of what the limit are for your area.  Some states have different limits within them as well.  An example is Tennessee where the basic limit for small claims is $15,000 but […]

Gather Your Evidence Early

When you are going to court for a small claims suit, you will want to bring with you any evidence that you can to help illustrate your case. Evidence can help prove your claim and failing to present such evidence might have a detrimental effect on your whole small claims suit. If you have any […]

Appeal Decision not Always Appealing to Small Claims

Appealing a small claims court case is allowed in many states, while in others the decision of the judge in such cases is indisputable. If you are interested in appealing, you should first determine whether the jurisdiction you initially filed the claim in allows for appeals. A simple telephone call to the Court Clerk’s Office […]

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