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Tenant’s Notice to Terminate Tenancy

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

Thanks to the incredible world of the Internet, people can now find legal forms and templates for just about anything with a simple Google search. However, since laws and regulations change so much from state to state or from province to province, you may find a form that’s perfectly legal in Indiana, but not in Ohio. Let’s take a look at all of the important information that should be included in a tenant’s notice to terminate tenancy letter.

No matter how friendly you are with your landlord, when it comes time to move on, you should consider typing up a notice to terminate tenancy letter. You can never tell when a seemingly friendly relationship will end up turning nasty due to money matters or for other reasons, so it’s smart to cover your back.

When starting out a formal letter like this, you should use a formal letter style. Start with the address of your landlord, followed by your address. Use full, formal names here, not nicknames. Simply state in the first paragraph that you are wishing to terminate your tenancy on a certain date, and make sure you quote your lease agreement (either written or oral) that requires one month or three months notice so there is no question about you giving enough notice.

You don’t have to give a reason why you are terminating your tenancy in your letter as long as you are abiding by your lease and giving enough notice. If you are wishing to terminate your tenancy before you are legally allowed to due to your lease, you might want to include the extenuating circumstances for your decision, but you should be aware that your landlord has you over the proverbial barrel in this case. They can “be a nice guy” and let you out of your lease, but if they don’t want to, you will have to make whatever payments your lease requires you to make so you can leave early.

Unless you have completely junked the apartment you were living in, most tenants expect to get most if not all of their security deposit back once they move out. Many tenants fear that by leaving an apartment and angering their landlord that they will somehow lose part of their deposit. That’s why it is always a good idea to go above and beyond when it comes to cleaning up your unit before you leave. Even if your lease doesn’t state that the carpets need to be cleaned, clean them. See if you can get some paint and cover up any holes or marks on the wall, or use a Magic Eraser and go around and clean off any scuff marks. It may sound like a lot of work but when most people have the choice of doing this for a few hours or not getting their deposit back, most people put in the work.

Your lease should outline how long after you move out that you have to wait to get your deposit returned to you in full.

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