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U.S. Drug Arrests besides Marijuana

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

In America today, the most common drug arrests come from the possession or sale of marijuana.  This is a drug with very widespread use and many people believe that its effects are not harmful in the long term.  Although drug users have effectively created several subcultures pertaining to their use or even in some cases to their addictions, it is interesting to know which drugs in particular are getting people caught out and actually arrested for their involvement, be it possession or sale of illegal narcotics.  Interestingly, although it is a completely different kind of drug to marijuana which is clearly the most used and sold in America, heroin is the second most likely drug to get you arrested.

Heroin actually ranks right up there with cocaine after marijuana use in the United States, and these two drugs are generally understood to be more addictive and potentially harmful to users than marijuana or most natural drugs.  Both are processed from naturally occurring elements however the production method leaves the substances extremely potent and dangerous.  Production workers who spend their lives processing cocaine from the coca leaves found in South America have to keep masks over their noses and mouths to prevent too much of the cocaine from being absorbed by their bodies.  Without the masks, enough drugs would be inhaled to kill them in a very short period of time.

Heroin is used differently than cocaine; where the latter is inhaled in powder form through the nose, heroin is cooked into a liquid, put into a needle and injected straight into the bloodstream.  This is a highly addictive drug and the sale of it is slightly more likely to get you arrested than the use.  Upon arrest for the use of heroin, you will be sentenced to some kind of treatment for the addiction (assuming you are addicted, and most people do plead as such if only to lessen the sentencing) and a short jail sentence or community service for any adjacent crimes committed while high or for the purpose of obtaining drugs. 

Following these three narcotics, the next most likely drugs to get you arrested, either for possession or sale, are the synthetic types.  This includes ecstasy, ketamine, crack-cocaine and several others which are processed and essentially manmade.  While the use of these drugs is also quite widespread, people are generally much less likely to walk around with large amounts on them or to keep a ‘stash’ at home; with marijuana users will often keep a bag with them or at home and therefore it is easier for police who decide to search to find what they are looking for.  Granted, synthetic drugs are not in use quite to the extent that marijuana is – after all they are often used in conjunction with a major party or event – however the use of them is more dangerous. 

Needless to say, if you smoke pot in America you are much more likely to wind up in handcuffs than if you use any other drug – a strange fact because it is perhaps the least likely to do any real damage to your health. 

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