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Your Right to Bear Arms

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LawProfessor.com Exclusive

One of the most controversial civil rights in America is the right to bear arms. While this civil right is not recognized in most other countries, in the United States, all citizens, under the Constitution, have the right to possess weapons. However, there are a number of regulations regarding this civil right, and if you are interested in owning a gun or other weapon, it is important to understand how these laws affect you.

The right to bear arms is given to United States citizens in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Historically, there has been much debate among groups in the United States, some in support of this right and some against this right. With groups like the NRA still very popular, however, it is unlikely that this civil right will be taken away.

There are a number of laws that restrict that actual possession of guns. These have been set in place in order to protect the general public from those who may use guns for violence. One such law is the Brady Law. Under the Brady Law (Federal Law 18 USC 922(t)), a background check is required before you are allowed to purchase any firearms. This is the responsibility of the arms dealer. If your background check reveals that you have a violent history or a criminal record, you will not be able to own a gun.

There are also laws prohibiting which kinds of guns can be sold. First and foremost, all guns must have a serial number. If this number is scraped off, the gun is considered illegal. In addition, certain features are not allowed on guns. These features only serve to make guns more deadly to humans. The laws on what types of guns are legal vary from state to state.

While guns are dangerous to be kept in the house without any safety precautions, there are a number of ways to protect yourself and other family members against unintentional injuries due to firearms. Hunting guns can be locked up away from the main living area, with the ammunition and clip in a separate and locked area, however many people choose to keep a gun in their house as a form of protection. In most states, a citizen is allowed to fire a weapon in self-defense; however, specific laws vary among states.

Certain laws also specify how you can carry guns outside of the home. These are known as concealed weapons laws. The concealed weapons laws are set in place to allow people to carry guns respectfully for protection. There are certain places where you will not be allowed to carry your concealed weapon, such as in a courthouse. Gun owners should review these regulations before leaving their house.

The bottom line is that guns don’t have to be dangerous. It is a civil right to be able to possess firearms, according to the Constitution. That said, before you purchase a gun for whatever reason you should take some time to learn about firearm safety and your state’s gun laws. It is important to use your civil rights with the utmost concern for others in mind.

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